Mike & Peggy Carr
The Carr’s are serving with Continental Baptist Mission as church builders through North America.  You can see what the Carr’s are about by visting http://www.cbmoffice.org/.

Andrew & Itacyara Comings
The Comings are working with Baptist Mid-missions as church planters in Brazil.  Get updated as to what’s going on in Brazil by visiting http://www.comingstobrazil.com/blog/.

Walt Croom
Walt Croom is serving our service men and women through military evangelism at Camp LeJune.  Unfortunately, there is no website dedicated to this particular ministry, but if you would like updates, please ask for a mailing address.

Harold & Ruth Green
The Greens are serving with Brazil Gospel Fellowship Missions, and they are presently serving stateside with BGFM.  If you want to see what they are doing, check out http://www.bgfmission.com/MSGreenHarold.html.

Jim & Jeannie Vogel
The Vogel’s are serving with Northeast Fellowship as the Network Executive.  This was previously the Empire State Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches.  To see how the Vogel’s are serving visit http://www.nfibc.org.

Marty & Cheryl Howell
The Howells are serving with Baptist Mid-missions in Honduras.  They serve in this South American country by planting churches, and if you want updates on their work visit http://www.christschurchplanting.org/marty.htm.

Lamoka Baptist Camp
A place where people of all ages can get away from life for a week of relaxation, fun, and games.  Combined with excellent guest speakers, camp is a place where one can be refreshed physically and spiritually.  To see what it’s about, visit www.lamoka.com

John & Linda Little
The Littles are serving with Baptist Church Planters as the East Coast Regional Field Director.  To see what BCP is doing to further Christ’s kingdom, visit http://www.bcpusa.org/.

RBC Ministries
We provide support to RBC Ministries, the suppliers of the devotional pamphlet “Our Daily Bread.”  To receive “Our Daily Bread” or if you simply want to see what services RBC offers, visit http://www.rbc.org/.

Tim & Vicki Reiner
The Reiner’s are serving in Brazil with Baptist Mid-missions, and to get updates on how they are serving visit http://www.inafarplace.com/.

Renate Reiner
Renate is also serving with Baptist Mid-missions.  Currently Renate is working with the Baptist Press in Brazil to coordinate the publication of new Sunday School material for churches in Brazil.  To get updates concerning their ministry, visit their website at http://www.reinersrace.com/.

HC & Chingboi Stephen
Because of the sensitivity of the Stephen’s work, we are unable to publicly post any information on these missionaries.

Ken & Joyce Symes
The Symes’ are serving with Jewish Awareness Ministries sharing the gospel with the children of God.  Visit http://www.jewishawareness.org/ to know how this ministry is serving.

Jonathon & Sarah Weber
The Weber’s are serving in Belgium with Evangelical Baptist Missions as church planters.  To get status updates on the Webers visit http://www.ebm.org/belgium-evangelical-ministries.

George & Amy Coon
The Coon’s are serving in South Africa as missionaries from Calvary Baptist Church of Lansdale, PA.  Their main focus will be working to train national and missionary church leaders. Along with that they will be working to plant churches in the city of Knysna. To get status updates on the Coon’s visit http://www.coonfamilytosouthafrica.com/.